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About The Building

The care areas of the 14,000 square foot residence resembles a home creating a feeling of warmth, openness and serenity.

The live-in hospice features:

  • 14 wheelchair accessible bedrooms with garden views, private bathrooms and the ability to personalize with the resident’s own belongings such as photographs and mementos
  • Warm living room with a gas fireplace, activity area, spectacular view and patio access
  • A dining room for residents, visitors and staff
  • Facilities for staff and research
  • Education and training
  • What makes St. John Hospice unique is the role it will have in strengthening palliative care knowledge and practices throughout the province. Hospice staff, in conjunction with members of the UBC Faculty of Medicine, will unobtrusively collect general data that will be used to develop innovative, multidisciplinary palliative care practices. With better understanding and training of caregivers, more British Columbians will be able to experience loving, quality care in their final days.


This hospice is positioned to help train nurses and doctors about the special treatment and needs of those in palliative care. While participation is entirely in the control of the resident, the experience in other countries is that most hospice residents are pleased to be involved in palliative research that will help better future care for others.